Marco Rubio is a Chameleon

Marco Rubio changes his policies (and religions) as fast and as often as a chameleon. He professes conservatism to conservatives, and professes moderation to moderates. When Rubio is speaking to a Latino audience he is for immigration reform, when speaking to conservatives he wants to deport illegal aliens. That’s a pretty shocking attitude for the son of an illegal alien. He will say anything to pander to the right, even if it contradicts what he’s said before. Throughout his political career, Rubio’s been called a corrupt wheeler-and-dealer by everyone from the Florida Democrats to Mitt Romney’s press secretary.
Something that should scare everyone is Rubio’s very close ties to, and funding from the democracy hating, Union busting Koch Brothers (Gov. Snyder – Flint water poisoning & Gov. Walker – destroyed Michigan’s economy). Rubio has repeatedly introduced legislation that strictly follows the Koch Brothers stated policies & objectives.
Rubio is always TALKING family values, but his history is a contradiction of anyone’s values. Lying, Tax evasion, credit card fraud, campaign-finance fraud, and infidelity, are just a few examples. Rubio is running on a “Christian” platform, but that keeps changing too. First he was Catholic, then he was Mormon, then he was Catholic again, but now he attends the extremist, pro-exorcist Christ Fellowship.
Marco Rubio described his parents as exiles from Fidel Castro’s communist regime in Cuba. But it turns out his parents actually arrived in the US in 1956, before the revolution, and even made multiple trips back to the communist island.
When he was state House speaker, the Republican Party of Florida issued Rubio a corporate American Express card, which Rubio used for home & auto repairs, lavish vacations, and other unauthorized personal uses, for a total of $100,000. He only paid back $16,000.
When Marco Rubio was majority whip of the Florida House of Representatives, he used his official position to urge state regulators to grant a real estate license to his brother-in-law, a convicted cocaine trafficker who served 12 years in prison, according to records obtained by The Washington Post. Also when his brother in law was arrested $15 million dollars mysteriously disappeared, and has never been found.
Multiple sources have confirmed that Marco Rubio allegedly had an affair with a Washington lobbyist, who then got pregnant, and then gad an abortion. I think that puts a very large monkey wrench in his anti-abortion stance. Rubio is also rumored to have had another affair with a Miami Dolphins cheerleader, who had 2 children with Rubio, and who now lives in New York and is financially supported by Rubio. It seems that Marco Rubio is destined to join the other Republican candidates who proclaim the importance of family values while cheating on his wife.
Rubio’s political positions are pretty much extreme right wing as you can get. Rubio joined twenty-two other Republican senators in voting against reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act, and opposed Obama’s stimulus package of 2009. Rubio has stated that he would repeal and replace the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Rubio has proposed a federal energy plan that would remove the crude oil export ban, and block the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan.
Rubio has argued on behalf of closing the federal Department of Education, expanding public charter schools, and for teaching both creationism and evolution. All of which are part of the Koch agenda.
Rubio disputes the scientific understanding of climate change, arguing that human activity does not play a major role in global warming. Rubio has one of the worst ratings of members of Congress on the environmental votes, the League of Conservation Voters gave Rubio a lifetime score of 9% for votes on environmental issues.
The Super PAC that pays for all of Rubio’s advertising is Conservative Solutions Project, another phony Koch front group.


Jeb Bush’s Scandals

I’m writing this because Jeb Bush is running for president, and people need to know the truth about him BEFORE election time.

Currently Jeb Bush is under investigation by Florida Attorney Steve Medina on charges of corruption involving Charles Koch, David Koch, Florida Governor Rick Scott, and presidential candidate, Jeb Bush. They are part of a deal made that allows the Koch Industries’ highly profitable paper and pulp company, Georgia Pacific, to dump millions of gallons of toxic waste per day, into St. John’s River in Florida.

The Jeb Bush administration (1999-2007), over the objection of then Attorney General Charlie Crist, gave preliminary approval for a Georgia-Pacific pipeline from its Palatka paper mill to the St. Johns River.

Now in Bush’s Presidential campaign his biggest contributors are the aforementioned Koch Brothers. Bush’s association with the Koch Brothers, and many other unscrupulous, and often criminal businessmen goes back decades.

In1984 Jeb Bush was then the chairman of the Dade county Republican party and

Camilo Padreda a close family friend, was its finance chairman. Padreda later pleaded guilty to defrauding the housing and urban development department of millions of dollars during the 1980s.

In 1985 Bush’s real estate firm received $75,000 from Miguel Recary, who never actually bought any property (yes a payoff). Recary was under investigation for Medicare Fraud. Jeb’s father George Bush, then Vice President interceded.

In 1986 Bush was a member of the board of The Private Bank and Trust which failed after federal regulators seized the organization and found that “it had been ‘making investments contrary to client instructions and putting funds in companies affiliated with or managed by the bank.

In 1989 Bush formed Bush-El to market MWI’s water pumps internationally. On one of Bush’s trips to Nigeria to help sell them MWI pumps in 1991, that company’s corporate pilot claimed he saw a suitcase full of cash — an apparent bribe for Nigerian officials.

In 1995, Jeb joined the board of directors of Ideon Group, a credit card registry service

Bush resigned soon after that. And the shareholders of Ideon filed suit against Bush and other directors, alleging stock manipulation.

In 2007, five months after his tenure as governor, Jeb Bush joined the world financial services behemoth Lehman Brothers as a paid consultant. Two month later Lehman started its slide from “risky” mortgages.

Later in 2007 Jeb joined the board of directors of Ideon Group, a credit card registry service. The Securities and Exchange Commission charged InnoVida in 2012 with “defrauding investors in an offering fraud scheme”.

Since joining the board of directors of Tenet Healthcare in April 2007, Jeb Bush has received more than $2 million in fees and stock awards. Tenet paid $900 million in fees to settle claims that it overbilled Medicare in the 1990s.

In 2010 Bush was elected director for Swisher Hygiene Inc. Shareholder lawsuits followed against Bush and his colleagues, “accusing him and fellow board members of insufficient oversight. Swisher Hygiene agreed to a class-action settlement.

Jeb Bush used his private e-mail account as Florida governor to discuss security and military issues such as troop deployments to the Middle East and the protection of nuclear plants, according to a review of publicly released records.

If Jeb was a member of any other family he would have been in PRISON decades ago. And now he wants to be President.