Useless Supervisors – James Ramos


Useless Supervisors

James Ramos

Add to the list of useless county supervisors San Bernardino County Supervisor     Ramos, district 3.

The responsibilities of a county supervisor are to represent their constituents, act as middleman between the county and their constituents, and assist their constituents when they have issues or complaints with the county.

If any supervisor is not willing to perform these duties they have no business in holding public office.

Not only is Supervisor Ramos NOT performing these duties, he doesn’t have the decency to respond to them.


Starting in December 2016 at LEAST 1 T.V. channel (often many more) has been out 19 out of 23 days. 2 complaints filed with Ramos, no action and no response.

The first large storm we had almost 3 weeks ago messed up our roads, they have yet to be fixed, and 2 additional storms have made it worse. 2 complaints filed with Ramos, no action and no response.


You may say that these services are handled by Special Districts, and they should be contacted about these issues. In the past 12 years I HAVE contacted Special Districts many dozens of times. Yet the same problems still exist.


It appears that County Policy & Special Districts Policy in particular regarding services that we PAY Extra for don’t necessarily need to be provided.



What is wrong with San Bernardino County?

San Bernardino County (Ca.) is the largest county, area wise, in the country, with a population of over 2 million. So why is it one of the poorest counties in the country? One word – Politicians (mostly all were Republicans).
Starting with Congressman Jerry Lewis, most known for his involvement with the Duke Cunningham scandal, and also voted the most corrupt member of Congress 6 years in a row. He did absolutely nothing for the district, except stifle it.
Then there was the Postmus scandal, which also took down 2 corrupt supervisors (Biane and Ovitt) and Assistant Assessor Jim Erwin, and later Supervisor Neil Derry, for money laundering.
Back in the 1990s, consecutive county administrators, Harry Mays and James Hlawek, went down after running the corners office like a criminal enterprise. In 2004, then-Supervisor Gerald Eaves pleaded guilty to accepting unreported gifts from a businessman in exchange for favors.
I still can’t figure out why anyone in San Bernardino County would even consider voting for a Republican, especially considering the crimes they have committed, and the damage they have done to the county.
Now we have a new batch of supervisors, Curt Hagman, Janice Rutherford, Robert Lovingood, James Ramos, and Josie Gonzales. They all have their little pet projects that they take on to get free photo ops, but have not improved the county in any way. Have you ever tried to get your supervisor to do something, or fix something? Don’t hold your breath, unless you are a major campaign contributor.
The excuse given is that the county has no money because of low property tax revenue, due to low home values. A majority of home values across the nation are back above the mortgage scandal prices, but not here. My house is worth less now than 12 years ago. Why? Because we have a pathetic infrastructure that most of the third world countries would be embarrassed by. And on top of that almost half of the county has no access to high speed internet, or even cable T.V., which in itself is pretty pathetic.
Again the reply is we have no money. Across the country counties have dealt with these problems, and still manage to prosper. So what does that say about San Bernardino County administrators? Many counties across the country have partnered with businesses to improve the quality of the infrastructure and the quality of life of their residents, so people are happier, home values go up, and so do county revenues. Is that asking too much?