The Trump Family’s Decades of Racism and Bigotry.

In 1973 the Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against Donald and Fred Trump for violations of the Fair Housing Act. The suit claimed that the Trumps and the Trump Organization would mark African American’s applications for housing, in their numerous buildings, with a ‘C’ for ‘Colored’ (and other racial codes). According to the Department of Justice, that was the crude code that ensured the rental would be denied.
In addition to the alleged code, the lawsuit claimed other Trump employees had spoken of a host of nasty tactics to keep blacks from renting apartments—from supers telling prospective black applicants that the rental rates were substantially higher than they actually were, to keeping “a sham lease and check to be shown to black applicants.” One rental agent at Trump’s Tysens Park Apartments said that he’d been told by Fred Trump himself not to rent to blacks. In 1975, Trump Management settled the case with a consent decree.
Donald likes to spreads his racism around. When Donald announced his candidacy for president, he began by comparing Mexican immigrants to “rapists”. He said his followers were “Passionate” after being told two men beat a Hispanic man in his name. He kicked Univision journalist Jorge Ramos out of a Press Conference, then stood by as his supporters insulted him.
And Donald has repeatedly insulted Asians.

Of note is this. According to a New York Times article published in June 1927, a man with the name and address of Donald Trump’s father was arraigned after Klan members attacked cops in Queens, N.Y. In an article subtitled “Klan assails policeman”, Fred Trump is named in among those taken in during a late May “battle” in which “1,000 Klansmen and 100 policemen staged a free-for-all.” At least two officers were hurt during the event. Police records no longer exist, but the Times article does.

This is definitely not to excuse Donald’s racism, but I guess we know where it comes from.