Carson’s Fetal Story Keeps Changing

On Fetal Tissue

Carson said: “Well I have not actually worked with fetal tissue. The left has put information that I have done research on fetal tissues because my name appears on an article in which the pathologists compared specimens that I deliver from the operating room to fetal tissues,”

Carson explained. “My part is to do the operation and supply the tissue. At that point, I move on the next operations. To suggest that I am in the laboratory actually doing the research or retrieving fetal tissue is nothing but propaganda.”

Carson says he does the “operation” that supplies the tissue – that is called Giving Abortions Ben


Then Carson said

“I, nor any of the doctors involved with this study, had anything to do with abortion or what Planned Parenthood has been doing,” he said in a post. “Research hospitals across the country have microscope slides of all kinds of tissue to compare and contrast. The fetal tissue that was viewed in this study by others was not collected for this study.”

Then: On the campaign trail in Manchester, New Hampshire, Carson told CNN his research simply used the tissue from aborted fetuses that was made available to him.


On Fetal Tissue Research

“We have banked material in the pathology lab from people from every age — from day 1 of concept to 120 years told. Those specimens are available for people who want to do comparisons,” Carson said. “To not use the tissue that is in a tissue bank, regardless of where it comes from, would be foolish. Why would anybody not do that?”

Ben Carson participated in research in which tissue from two spontaneous abortions were used, Carson explained that he took no part in actually studying the tissue and defended the practice of using fetal tissue to advance science and medicine.


Then Carson said: “It’s been over-promised what the benefits of fetal research would be and very much under-delivered,” Carson told Fox News after the scandal broke. “And if you go back over the years, and look at the research that has been done and all the things that it was supposed to deliver, very little of that has been done, and there’s nothing that can’t be done without fetal tissue.”


OK to buy but not to sell???

He appears to say there’s a difference between specifically selling, as in the case of Planned Parenthood, or buying, as in the case of Colorado State University, University of Wisconsin and Oregon Health and Science University, aborted babies for research and using fetal tissue for comparative research along with other tissue samples because the tissue was already available.


Then: Carson has been critical of not only the Planned Parenthood abortion business for selling aborted babies and their body parts for research, but he said defenders of that have oversold the benefits of fetal tissue research.


Conclusion: Carson keeps changing his story to fit the audience.

And would do the same as President.