Useless Supervisors – James Ramos


Useless Supervisors

James Ramos

Add to the list of useless county supervisors San Bernardino County Supervisor     Ramos, district 3.

The responsibilities of a county supervisor are to represent their constituents, act as middleman between the county and their constituents, and assist their constituents when they have issues or complaints with the county.

If any supervisor is not willing to perform these duties they have no business in holding public office.

Not only is Supervisor Ramos NOT performing these duties, he doesn’t have the decency to respond to them.


Starting in December 2016 at LEAST 1 T.V. channel (often many more) has been out 19 out of 23 days. 2 complaints filed with Ramos, no action and no response.

The first large storm we had almost 3 weeks ago messed up our roads, they have yet to be fixed, and 2 additional storms have made it worse. 2 complaints filed with Ramos, no action and no response.


You may say that these services are handled by Special Districts, and they should be contacted about these issues. In the past 12 years I HAVE contacted Special Districts many dozens of times. Yet the same problems still exist.


It appears that County Policy & Special Districts Policy in particular regarding services that we PAY Extra for don’t necessarily need to be provided.