Dear Koch Brothers

Around the world the word is out about you. Despite your efforts to hide your involvement in almost every destructive, underhanded activity happening around the world, we see your greedy little hands. And your pathetic attempts to improve your image by running T.V. ads (propaganda), which are full of lies, fools no one.
Your legacies will be that of the 2nd & 3rd most despised people in history, right behind Hitler. And you have done almost as much damage to the world as he did. Your children and their children, and so on, and all of your relatives for generations will be shunned and despised, and will probably not admit any relationship to you. And if they are smart they will even change their last names.
Your ONLY hope for redemption is to repair ALL of the damage you have done to the world’s environment, and the damage you have done to democracy, and the damage you have done to working people and the world’s economy.


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