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Southern California Edison – The Worst

      Considering Southern California’s weather, one would think that there are few power outages. That may have been true at one time, but SCE does little maintenance on their power grid, and almost zero upgrades. And there is absolutely no redundancy (back up systems). At my house, anytime a fly lands on a power line the power goes out and it is usually for many hours, if not days.
      The main reason for this is PROFITS, PROFITS, and more PROFITS. SCE is an investor-owned “public” utility, so profits are ALL they care about. Southern California Edison averages nearly 1 Billion PROFIT per year, just in Southern California. SCE top executives make a total of over 10 MILLION a year. No wonder California has the highest electricity rates in the country.
      Last year Southern California bribed the California Public Utilities Commission to be allowed to raise our rates. No, that is not conspiracy theory, the PUC former President Michael Peevey admitted to taking $750,000 payola from SCE & PG&E before he resigned.
      So, with all that money, why the pathetically poor service? First off SCE doesn’t want to spend ANY of that money on it’s customers. Secondly is the fact that earlier this year SCE laid off hundreds of highly skilled workers, and replaced them with H-1B immigrant workers. Guess that is why they installed a Nuclear Reactor BACKWARDS in the San Onofre Power Plant, which ultimately had to shut down, of course SCE passed that cost on to us.
      Recently there was a power outage at my house, it was about 90 degrees with 90 % humidity, the power was out for 11 hours. Southern California Edison had to “call in workers”, because they laid off anyone who knows what they are doing.
      A while back several blocks of houses in San Marino, Ca. were without power for many days because several power poles broke. Southern California Edison had zero power poles to replace them with. How can a power company not have any power poles? Obviously it was because SCE had no intention of doing any maintenance, repairs, or upgrades.
      Recently several blocks in downtown Long Beach, Ca. lost power for several days when underground junction boxes caught fire and blew the manhole covers into the air. The repairs only lasted a couple days when it happened all over again, now it has happened a third time.. Boy that was some real top quality work there guys.
      In closing all I can say is Southern California Edison must be replaced!



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