Jeff Rigney


Useless Piece of Shit
Lifetime Achievement

                      Director, Special Districts
                      San Bernardino County, Ca.

         They say a person rises to his level of incompetence. Well. Jeff is working about 3 levels above his level of incompetency!
         Every one of the departments that Jeff manages is not able to do anything right.
         Obvously, this is not a coincidence.
         Maybe if he actually had just one real job in his life he might be a better manager.
         Jeff's managment style is to let subordinates do all his work, and lets them take the all of the heat. He never has any idea of what is going on in his department because it is beyond his comprehension.
         But he sure shows up for the photo and press ops.
         The only reason that he has his job is because his father, the late Robert Rigney, who was San Bernardino County’s chief administrative officer from 1980 to 1986.
         Funny how he seems to be buddies with all of the proven corrupt politicians in the county,convicted felon Bill Postmus, and known felon Brad Mitzelfelt, Lewis, Derry.
         Rigney was nominated to the post on Big Bear Water District by admitted Felon, Third District Supervisor Neil Derry, a known corrupt Supervisor.

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