Republicans are Ignorant

      It used to be that there was little difference, outside of politics, between Democrats and Republicans. We are all Americans.
      Things are different these days. First I will talk about GOP politicians, then about Republican voters.
      GOP Politicians:
      Of course there have been some good GOP politicians, but that was in a long gone past. The GOP politicians today are bought and paid for by the Koch Brothers and big corporations. Under the supervision of ALEC the GOP’s main goals now are to eliminate everything that affects PROFITS, regardless of the consequences
      The results of these policies are devastating. The Recession, the end of the middle class, the destruction of our planet, the loss of good jobs, repression of the people, and the elimination of democracy. So WHY would anyone vote for there scumbags??
      Republican Voters:
      What can you say about people that ignore science and facts, but listen to every word that Fox news, the most biased, most lie filled news anywhere. They ignore truths that have been accepted for generations, in favor of Rupert “the scumbag” Murdock’s cave man age propaganda.
      Ignorant, closed minded Republican voters are the root of all of our countries problems. They support organizations like ALEC, and people like the Koch Brothers and Murdock, who are destroying our middle class, our country and the planet. And never bother to find out their motivations, which are PROFIT and POWER.
      What do you say to people who proclaim themselves as Christians, but denounce The Pope for his stand against Inequality. and his acceptance of Climate Change.

Wake up MORONS - YOU are responsible for our country's collapse !!!!



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