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      There are thousands upon thousands of complaints online against DirecTV, and thousands have filed complaints with the FCC, the FTC, and many other agencies. And these agencies do nothing !
      The Better Business Bureau gives DirecTV an "F" rating, and there are more complaints filed against DirecTV them than any other company.

The main complaints against DirecTV are (but not limited to):
      Illegal, unethical, and deceptive contracts and policies
      Illegal, unethical, and deceptive deposit policies
      Changing contract duration with no legal justification
      Fraudulent hardware return policy
      False advertising about signal quality
      False advertising about customer service department
      and many, many more

      Most 1st year law students would tell you that DirecTV's contracts and policies are 100 % illegal.

      We are going to circulate a petition which will be delivered to the FCC, the FTC, and the Attorney General.
      We will demand an immediate end to DirecTV's illegal and unethical business practices.
      We will demand that the FCC, the agancy that is responsible for monitoring wireless communications, start responding to complaints, and start actually doing their job.
      And we will demand that DirecTV reimburse 100% to every user that has been effected by these illegal policies.
      We will also be persuing legal action against DirecTV with the FBI.
      We will also be seeking an attorney to represent us in a class action lawsuit against DirecTV.



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